IP Crime

Raising awareness of IP crime, we bring together central government, enforcement agencies, and industry bodies to combat the threat posed by IP crime.  We are not an enforcement agency.

What is IP crime?

Counterfeiters illegally use other people’s trade marks, whereas piracy relates to the illegal use of copyright material.

Awareness and resources

We have joined forces with enforcement agencies, industry and other Government departments to raise awareness of IP crime.

Resolving disputes

There are many ways to resolve IP disputes. We offer a range of professional services and resources that can help.

Our role in IP crime

Under the National IP Crime Strategy, our specialist team looks at how the problem of IP crime can be tackled more efficiently.

Counterfeiting and piracy in Ghana is a serious issue which impacts businesses, communities and consumers.

Counterfeit products also raise serious safety concerns and can put consumers at risk.

What is Reprographic Reproduction?

It is the reproduction of literary and printed works on graphic surface i.e. Photocopies, Faxes, and Print-outs from databases.

What are the rights of Authors and Publishers?

Authors and publishers own the copyright and publishing rights respectively in literary or printed works. The Copyright Act 2005, Act 690 grants them the exclusive right to among others:-

  • reproduce the work (including photocopying) in any quantity, manner or form
  • translate, adapt, arrange or transform the work in any manner
  • exploit the work in any way for moral and economic benefits